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Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker

What's Included

  • 10 Open Box Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speakers
  • 10 Apple USB-C 20W Plug Outlets
  • 10 Instruction Manuals

Handling Time

  • All orders will be shipped one business day after payment is recieved.

Payment Terms

  • All payments will be accepted via PayPal. A 2.9% + $0.30 fee will be added to all orders in order to cover the fee.


Real World Ebay Metrics (All Real World Metrics Are Based Upon Real World Data We Have Collected Via Our Own Sales Channels.)

  • Sales Price-$49.99
  • Product Cost-$15
  • Ebay Fees-$7.22 (Without Subscription)
  • Shipping Cost-$8.05 (UPS GROUND)
  • Packaging Supplies-$0.75 (Walmart 6 by 6 by 6 Box)


Net Profit Breakdown

$49.99 - $15 - $7.22 - $8.05 - $0.75 =$18.97 Per Unit Profit * 10 Units = $189.70 Total Profit


Operational Cost


Shipping From Distribution-$18.01 (Approximately)

PayPal Fee-$4.65


Final Profit Under Same Conditions

$189.70 - $25.66 (Operational Cost) = $164.04 Total Profit Approximately


109% ROI On The Product Cost. Invest $150 Make $164.04



All Above Calculations Are To Give You A Estimate Of How The Lot Can Perform From The Perspective Of An Actual Seller That Uses Actual Data We By No Means Are Guranteeing Any Certain Performance Metrics All Performance Is Up To The Skillsets And Ability Of The Buyer To Achieve Such Metrics.



Apple Homepod Mini Smart Speaker (Lot of 10)

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